What do we do?

We improve the quality of life and care for children with motor disabilities and their parents in the district of Zaka, Zimbabwe.

How do we do this?

We support a local project, with help of sponsors. Our greatest strength is the commitment of local healthcare professionals. They provide the therapeutical workshops, that give a new outlook on life for both children and parents.


At this moment, we are able to help 70 children with motor disabilities and their parents in the workshops.


In Ndanga District Hospital the healthcare professionals involved organise 18 workshops each year, for the benefit of the children and their parents.


The support of local communities is vital. Therefore, 12 community meetings are organised each year in the different villages and communities, to provide information about issues concerning disabilities. That way, we try to create more social support for the children and their parents.


All children are under supervision of a team of 4 dedicated local professional therapists. They are the backbone of our project.

First steps after intense practice

Meet James.

Three years ago, James could not lift his head whilst he was lying down.

Now, he can sit up on his own, without assistance.

Quotes of some of the mothers:

“My child could not sit up by herself, but now she can do it.”

“The 3-day workshop is very important to me, I see the changes in my child. And, because we meet other people there, we get different ideas. We comfort each other in the workshop.”

“My child and I, we can communicate better with each other than before the workshop.”


“Honestly, the most rewarding and satisfying is the CHANGE and progress made by the children.”

       Samson Mazivazvose

       Rehab technician and local project coordinator


Malagijsweg 44
5625 HG Eindhoven
The Netherlands

When requested via e-mail, we will gladly call you back

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